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Stepping Up!

Discover the Power of Your Position

No matter your current position, God will unlock the power for you to reach your incredible potential. The key is to approach all you do with a servant’s heart versus your own ambition. This guide to serving with passion, integrity, and intuition for success explores how to appreciate today while anticipating the possibilities that await tomorrow.

About The Author

Johnny McGowan

Pastor Johnny McGowan is a man of many titles, some being: armor-bearer, mentor, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, developer, and custom home builder. Upon graduating high school with honors, he immediately started working for his father’s construction company, Unitec Builder’s.

Johnny has been a member of Lakewood Church — one of the largest non-denominational churches in America, since 1974, and he currently serves as an Associate Pastor. He joined the staff at Lakewood under former Pastor John Osteen in 1988, working as an associate producer in the television ministry.

Johnny had the honor of being ordained by Pastor John Osteen and served as his armor-bearer (personal assistance). While under Pastor John’s leadership, Johnny was personally mentored by him, and he learned life long lessons that he attributes as part of his success.

Johnny remained loyal to Pastor John until his passing, after which he transitioned to serving his best friend, Pastor Joel Osteen — in the same capacity. Johnny bears his message of hope, servanthood, and “stepping up” to the aspiring leaders and volunteers that he advises, as well as to pastors that he ministers to — both locally and on a global scale.

He possesses an extraordinary ability to glean vision and clarity to leadership’s most complex challenges. His strongest desire is to see every person’s life transformed by the good news of Jesus Christ, where their souls will be saved, and their lives propelled into their God-given destiny.

His greatest mission is for his five children to become successful men and women of God, and to make an impact in the world. Johnny and his wife, Donna, share five beautiful children together and reside in Houston, Texas.

Get Ready

Where you serve today can become where you lead tomorrow!

Johnny has been like a son to me. He loved my John​ and watched after him until his last days on earth. He is a good husband, father, and a great preacher. I know his book will bless multitudes. I salute him and I’m thankful to Jesus for his life. I love you, my son.

~ Dodie Osteen
Cofounder, Lakewood Church

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